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All flowering shrubs should be pruned within 1 month after they are finished blooming. If you wait too long, you will affect your bloom count for the next year.

I recommend Prairie View's All Purpose Fertilizer. It is a water soluble fertilizer similar to our professional blend. Use it once a week for beautiful results.

Pick one day to fertilizer your plants...like FERTILIZER FRIDAY. It is easy to remember. But in case of those occasional slip ups, I recommend using Osmocote. It is a time release fertilizer and will fertilize your plants for approximately 4 months. You can still use Prairie View's All-purpose Fertilizer with Osmocote.

Plants benefit from an occasional haircut. Just like your own hair, taking the scissors to your plant will get rid of the scraggly ends. Don't be afraid! On cascading plants, like petunias, you can take your scissors and cut your plant back up to about 2 inches below the bottom of the pot. On more upright plants, like verbena, cut about 2" off the top of the plant. It will begin to fill in from the top again giving you that nice full look the plants had when they left our greenhouses.

You don't have to deadhead them if you don't care how fast they re-bloom. But they sure look a lot better if you do. And they will re-bloom a lot faster too.

Cutting the blooms off your annuals helps the plant grow bigger and stronger faster. The plant will in turn will reward you with more blooms. If you have a big party coming up, realize it may take up to 3 weeks for your plant to re-bloom. So I don't recommend you cut off the blooms until after the party.

I recommend you cut your perennials at the end of March - beginning of April. I use a weed whacker to trim them back to about 1 to 2 inches above the ground. By waiting till the spring, the old foliage will protect the roots throughout the winter and the birds will enjoy the seeds. If you can't stand having a bunch of dead plants in your garden, it won't hurt to trim them back after they die back in the fall.

Stop Pruning Them! Most hydrangeas bloom on old wood. Even the new varieties, like Endless Summer, bloom more profusely on the old wood than the new wood. If you need to prune them, try doing it in the spring. Then only trim off the dead branches or shape the plant. Once the plant begins blooming, deadhead and trim to maintain their shape.

It is true you can not change the quantity. But you can leave me a detailed note in the description section. For example - You would like 12 -$25 Gift Cards. In the description section, Write "12-$25 gift cards" In the amount section put $300 the entire amount of the sale. Then you will get charged for all 12 gift certificates at once. If it is Holiday Bonus Time, you can also specify how you would like your bonus gift certificates whether it is just one for $75, or 3 - $25, or even 1-$50 and 1-$25 for that $300 purchase. Our website isn't fancy but it can get you what you need. If you ever have trouble and would like to just speak to a human, call 847-683-4970. If we are closed for the day or the season, leave a message and the voice mail will be returned as soon as possible.


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