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How It All Began...

Once upon a time, two teenagers named Dan and Cheryl met while working at a local garden center. Over many years, their love blossomed; not only for each other, but for the beautiful plants that surrounded them. They decided to get married. Seven years later, Cheryl gave birth to a beautiful baby girl.

When their daughter was only 2, Dan and Cheryl decided to move to Hampshire to begin what is now known as Prairie View. Their dream to share their love of plants with the people of Hampshire became a reality in April 2000.

Prairie View began with the help of our family and friends, 8 part-time employees, 3 greenhouses, and a small sales yard in which we sold only annuals and perennials. We were known for our gorgeous 14″ hanging baskets. Many of you may even remember that we had a large vegetable garden in front of our greenhouse where we grew some of our produce.

Now 23 years later, Prairie View has also blossomed. We now have 3 full time employees, 12 part time employees and 9 greenhouses. Still known for our gorgeous 14″ hanging baskets, our selection has expanded tremendously. We now offer container shrubs and roses along with our annuals & perennials. Our sales yard has expanded to nearly four times it’s original size.

As for those two teenagers and their daughter, Dan still works at the original greenhouse where they met. Cheryl actively grows for and manages Prairie View. And their young daughter, well, she and her husband Cody works with her mom.

Dan and I would personally like to thank our wonderful family and friends who have always been there to help us when we needed them. None of this would have been possible without them. We would also like to thank our employees who are always willing to go that extra step. And finally, our loyal customers, YOU are the reason we are still here today.

How this story ends only time will tell. We hope you will come to Prairie View and become part of our story.

– Dan & Cheryl Linnemann

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